manAGEing through Sport – a brief outline

Since I first tweeted about manAGEing through Sport, I have been overwhelmed with how many people have contacted me wishing me well and offering help. Other organisations like the men’s health forum, older men’s wellbeing network, sporting memories, independent age and local age UKs have also given helpful advice, guidance and support. I’ve also been asked by quite a few people for more information so I’ve put this brief piece together which outlines where thinking is so far, with the caveat we’re about to start testing our assumptions with older men.

What does manAGEing through sport want to do?

manAGEing through sport wants to reduce loneliness and isolation in older men by bringing them together in groups to watch sport. 

How will it work?

The groups will meet at venues of their choosing to watch sport. The venues could be pubs, social clubs, sports clubs, people’s homes, whatever they prefer. The groups will be facilitated to ensure practical details such as transport, food, booking seats, spaces can be organised for the group.

The idea is that the groups will be facilitated by older men as research suggests older men like men only spaces to talk and socialise but we’re testing this view at the moment.

 Who is it aimed at?

Older men who either live alone or feel socially isolated; for example an older man may live with one of his children but feel isolated from his peers.

Why older men?

There is a wealth of data that shows older men have shorter lives and a less healthy old age.

Will it be free?

No, there will be a charge though a lot of work needs to be done on the financial model. manAGEing through sport will need to be self sustaining; too many good third sector projects cease when the grants run out, we do not want this to happen to manAGEing through sport.

Where is manAGEing through Sport at in terms of development?

Very early stages, we don’t yet exist as a legal entity. We have the overall concept and are currently testing our assumptions by getting the views of older men about how they would like manAGEing through Sport to work in practice. We are also applying for start up funding and a small committee is meeting looking at the various legal structures available to social enterprises.



One thought on “manAGEing through Sport – a brief outline

  1. sounds good Kirsty – if you need some feedback on the financial model let me know. In terms of funding, might be worth looking into diversity impacts and also managing impact to create a cluster funding model. Also a Gift Aided model may help keep a lid on o/heads.

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